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        The Beijing Legend Industrial Control Co. Ltd. (BLIC for short) is a branch of Legend Group. It has a former name of Beijing Legend Industrial Control Company which was established in 1988 and wholly owned by Legend Group. It completed a major reform of its ownership at the end of 2000.
        BLIC is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production of industrial automation control products, and undertaking engineering projects. The ES series programmable logic controllers developed by our company on its own have been well received in a whole range of industries such as tobacco, petrochemicals, the light industry, machinery, textiles and energy. The "Legend microcomputer-controlled ingredient-mixing system" developed with our own patented technology has won "Application leadership in upgrading traditional industries with electronic technology" and "Outstanding new products in science and technology" awarded by the State Development Planning Commission, and the State Bureau of the Building Materials Industry, and the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. The product has been successfully applied in more than 300 cement production lines across the country, bringing substantially high economic returns to relevant enterprises.
        Over the past 10-plus years, BLIC has undertaken the design of and equipment installation for a number of priority engineering projects including the power monitoring and control system in the Zhaotong Cigarette Factory and the automatic control system in the Hubei Science and Technology Plaza. It has also provided for these projects complete sets of equipment and the system integration of computers and networks, thus acquiring rich engineering experience. In 2000, it had a total turnover of 140 million Chinese yuan.
        BLIC focuses on all kinds of products for automatic control, system integration and technical services. To speed up China's modernization process and promptly introduce new foreign technology and products to customers, BLIC currently serves as the authorized distributor for the VLT series frequency converters and transmission products of DANFOSS from Denmark, and the sensors and control products of the Honeywell from the United States.
        We come from all parts of China and the world, and have got together for the same goal. As a member of the Legend Group, BLIC will follow the Legend Group's spirit, seek the pragmatic and breakthrough, and also, serve and benefit our customers all around the world.

        Add: 318,Yicheng International Center,59 Malianwa Bei Road,, Haidian District, Beijing, China

        Postal code: 100085

        Tel: (010)82664755



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        ©Copyright By Beijing Legend Industrial Control Co. Ltd.


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